I don’t often get overly excited anymore. But today I am absolutely buzzing, almost shaking and I’m not entirely sure why.

Perhaps that I’ve discovered an artist that I once liked but am now starting to love.

Perhaps it’s the thought of studying is fueling my inner geek, I find there’s something stupidly satisfying about sitting down and expanding your brain, plus it gives you a reason to be a bit smug… (#humblebrag) Perhaps it’s when I envision myself in front of a class of teenagers, imparting nuggets of knowledge. I cannot wait to start studying again and the thought of my teaching placement is leaving me constantly daydreaming.

Is it new nail polishes and headphones dropping through the door like Christmas or the thought of a cloudy but rain-free Reading festival on Saturday? Wellies on standby nonetheless. Or is it (now slightly hypocritically) loving listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops? That the weather is feeling autumnal? Sweater weather is better weather after all. Or that this week’s shifts have allowed me 3 fun-filled evenings free with my fiance? A good conversation or flicking through a few good blogs?

Simple things. I guess what I’m really excited about is that things are looking up and I’ve got a lot to look forward to. I’ll thank my lucky stars (high above those grey clouds).

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