Back to School (plus a teeny-tiny review – Tank, Gloucester!)

That’s it. Summer is officially over. Not that summer really exists anyway – there tends to be a distinct lack of sun in a British Summer, that and the concept of a ‘summer holiday’ has been long forgotten.

Yesterday, I had my first session back at university, it was daunting to say the least. Daunting and stuffy, our classroom is in a beautiful old warehouse in Gloucester but despite all the windows, it can feel a little bit close.

In true Liz fashion, I’ve dropped a small fortune on stationery, only to remember that I’m very much a 90’s baby and therefore going digital is what I feel most comfortable with. As long as the lecturers have no issue with me whipping out my laptop in class then I’ll be laughing.

Other than my one day at university, there’s nothing really to report. Having already dropped my work hours in anticipation of essays and teaching placements, my YouTube addiction is slowly creeping in and taking over once more. There’s only so much productivity I can muster up after 1 set of introductory lectures – but right now that’s pretty okay with me. Cooking channels and office tours seem to be the main bulk of the videos at the moment, there’s seems to be something oddly therapeutic in jumping into someone’s life, be it their meals or their workspaces. The idea of me vlogging myself is becoming even more inviting and I’m even visualising myself with a GoPro strapped to my skull attempting to interview my cat. YouTube loves cats.

Like the start of every Autumn the media is filled with back to school lunch ideas, which is something I need to tune into, however if not taking the hint means I get to indulge in another meat and cheese board from Gloucester Brewery’s Tank (a teeny-tiny, gourmet-gastro-microbrewery at unbelievably reasonable prices) then by all means, call me bloody ignorant. I definitely cannot argue with wild boar salami, Somerset mature cheddar, chorizo, pillow-soft bread with satisfyingly crunchy crusts, real butter, chutney, grapes and those little peppers stuffed with cheese for under £6. Tank is themed in that industrial wood, brick and Edison light bulb style that all the hipsters love at the moment but I must say, they do it well. Coupled with friendly staff attempting to flog me pizza (do I need any more temptation?!) – Tank is definitely the place to be for a quick lunch time bite to eat. If I return at a different time of day (I will definitely be returning of a lunch time), I’ll be sure to update you.

Happy studying everyone.

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