Back to Work

Wow. Having a 5 days away from the work place was somewhat refreshing, kind of frustrating but sadly very missed as soon as I got back through the office door! I really should relish this time where coursework is minimal and time-off is relaxing – although 5 days off of work will be a weekly occurrence, the actual ‘time-off’ won’t be! As I write this, I’m in my PJs ready to wind down and live life as a ‘normal’ person (no night shifts, no screaming clients on the phone and actually being able to speak to my fiancé), it is still incredibly alien to me but very welcome. I’ve been so much happier being up in the day time. I’m feeling really positive 🙂

Despite having worked last night, today was a good day, filled with pretty much my favourite things. Sleep, home cooked food, gaming with fiancé and lots of shopping. (I’m determined to no longer dress like a teenage boy. And now I’ve got to start keeping up appearances if I’m teaching classes!)

I cannot believe how bloody productive the day time is. I’ve done more in the last week than I have in months. And from next week, I’ll be doing it in style (hopefully)!

I just now need to get back into a good routine and to continue killing it. This is going to be a good year, I feel it.

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