No napping allowed

I’m tired, my throat is red raw and my nose is snuffly. A stark contrast to how I was feeling the last time I wrote a blog post. Despite feeling like I’ve just shuffled out of a lobotomy, I’ve been trying my damned hardest to stay awake and take advantage of an empty house to study.

This week so far has been full of worry. Questionable haircuts, bad kebabs, struggling not to eat my own body weight in snacks, an emotional goodbye to McDonald’s food (yes, your breakfasts are convenient, but I’d rather not find plastic in my bagel. Thank you), being sat in class wondering whether I really will get my head around these assignments or whether teaching would be the right career for me at all. I keep telling myself that all I’ve wanted to do is being a role model, and to help people learn so hopefully I can keep holding on to that.

I’m scared and all I want to do is nap, but I’m an adult now and napping means I’m avoiding responsibility, doesn’t it?

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