‘Skinny’ Carbonara

Skinny is in inverted commas for very good reason. Adapted from Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Superfood, we did get a portion of veg in there but knowing me and my other half, I ramped up the 1 rasher of streaky bacon up to 4… (oops!) but all in all, a healthier meal that one we would normally enjoy. It was minus some lemon juice, and basil but was enjoyable nonetheless.

skinny carbonara.jpg

If you love cheese and bacon, you’ll love this. It’s a classic combination with a fresh twist from the peas. It’ll definitely satisfy your cravings.

I had to read the recipe about 4 times, my time-management in the kitchen isn’t the best so ended up doing each section of the recipe individually and bringing it together at the end for this green goodness. Jamie’s instructions to whisk egg and yoghurt together to make a sauce was a certainly a step into the unknown but I obliged blindly – his warning attempting to ward off yoghurty scrambled eggs was almost a game changer – timidly, I turned off the heat and hoped for the best. I’m glad I did. Maybe next time, I’ll actually follow the recipe – my gut might thank me but this time, bacon wins.

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