‘Naughty’ Fruit Salad (3 SmartPoints)

If you’re anything like me and also on the start of your weight-loss journey, or you’ve been on it a while, or even completed it and you need a decadent, teeth-screamingly sweet treat, look no further…

3sp of ‘mmm, how is this only 3 points?!’

Here’s the proof –

12g of Marshmallow Fluff – 2 sp

100g fat free Greek style yogurt – 1 sp

100g (or more!) fresh fruit (I used strawberries, grapes, blueberries and raspberries) – 0sp

All you need to do is mix up the yogurt and fruit, top with Marshmallow Fluff and blow torch the shit out of it.

This is perfect for a low-fat dessert, it has all the elements to help you feel satisfied without piling on the points – sharp but creamy yogurt, a fluffy chew from the marshmallow and a pop from the berries.

On my first attempt, I just blobbed bits of Fluff all over and grabbed the blow torch. The second time I made it, I tried to melt the Fluff for maximum coverage before topping the fruit mix – this resulted in a hard block of marshmallow which was a bit of a challenge to put in my mouth and chew (that’s saying something for my mouth!). I preferred my first attempted however, if you don’t own a blow torch, I think the second method would be best suited. Spread the Fluff on to a microwave/heatproof plate, melt it for 30 seconds, and whack it under the grill. Allow it to cool and break it up to make a marshmallow ‘bark’. Not as ooey-gooey but still as sweet and comforting. Think Lucky Charms on the Atkins diet.

I am brand new to this so if you think my calculations are wrong, please feel free to drop me a tweet.

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