Sundae Roast

I’ve had a stupidly over indulgent weekend away from work. I study and teach all week so weekend off was very welcomed but I was totally irresponsible. I did however made sure to point everything I ate,   which progress in itself – past me would’ve just pretended it never happened and continued to stuff my face!

We ate BBQ and it was good (approximately 30 SP; but no pud – baby steps!)

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But I would l like to think that I’ve almost redeemed myself with the support and kitchen skills of my better half!

13 SP roast dinner.

We quite drastically under estimated the amount of veg unfortunately but that left more room for the star of the show, Sam’s creation that I’m calling the Fluffy Banana Sundae. I’m starting to think I should create a Marshmallow Fluff tag, I can’t get enough of the stuff.

This was 4 SP!

  1. 1 tsp Nutella for 2 SP
  2. 1 serving (12g or 2 tbsp) of Marshmallow Fluff
  3. 1 banana – roast it with the peel on for 20 minute at gas mark 5, flipping half way through.

Despite the good food this week, I’m upset with myself, guilty even. Maybe that is proof that it’s working? Oh, Sam did buy me a fitness trampette this week so at least I’m bouncing around watching TV instead of just being on my backside!

I’m not attending weigh-in this week so hopefully I can get back on track surprise myself in a fortnight.

Well wishes and fantastic food!

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