Comparison is the thief of joy

Comparison is the thief of joy

A friend once told me that she wanted that tattooed to her. I thought it was stupid, and batted it away like an Indian cricketer. Fast forward a few years, and I sit here on my bed writing this, agreeing with what I thought was first class BS.

Today I have been pissed off, pissed off that I’ve got no direction and I see all my Facebook friends succeeding, pissed off that I’ve only lost 6lb and my friend has lost a stone. Pissed off that I actually have to get out of bed tomorrow and get myself out the rut I’m starting to find myself stuck in. I was pissed off that I was pissed off and went to comfort myself in the only way I knew how – more food.

I’ve no discipline. I’m unhealthy. I look awful. I have no drive. I’m a nervous wreck. I’m tired all the time. I’m stupid. I hate my hair. I’m not strong. My eye lids do this stupid thing where they fold over and smudge my eyeliner…

I am a really jealous person. The Green-Eyed Monster grips me tightly like Hulk’s passive-aggressive whiny little sister. I was feeling full of chicken wings and duck salad (but quite happy that I hadn’t eaten myself to the point of rolling out of the door – NSV?!) when Sam (like he often does) told me why he loves me and that’s when it clicked.

Why was I pissed off? No one is perfect. Literally no one and we need to remember that. What would happen if we took our peeves and turned them into something positive?

You’re lanky? You’d be great to go to gigs with. You talk too fast? Wow, you’d make an awesome auctioneer. You fall asleep all the time? You must be great to cuddle with. You’ve got a fat arse? I bet someone loves that junk in the trunk more than Tim Wonnacott on Bargain Hunt. Your features make my day less boring, your imperfections make you human and you complaining about it brings the mood down… but don’t worry, I’m still learning too.

Embrace it.

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