Easter is coming…

The Easter holidays are quickly approaching and I already feel as though this may be the highlight of my teaching career so far. I hope to set myself a few targets, that I also fear may be ignored unless they involve copious amount of sleeping…

At the start of the month, I had attempted to set myself some goals and write a blog post about them, you may have noticed that this did not happen. So I’m going to take these goals and see how successful I am over the holidays.

By the end of the Easter holidays I hope to have –

  • Completed one of my university projects
  • Stayed within my Smart Point quota for the whole 2 weeks (I must think of a non-food-related reward!)
  • Cook at least 3 times a week
  • Complete at least 1 more blog post
  • Drink a least 750ml of water/squash a day (This is a big deal for me! And more than likely why I fall foul of my SPs on an almost weekly basis…)
  • And maybe the biggest deal? No takeaways or stupid purchases!

At the moment I feel as though I’m really letting myself down, I’ve been so lazy and struggling to pick myself up and to top it off, found my first grey hair today! (Noooooo!)

To round off this post – I have found a few things that made things somewhat better.

I’ve taken some comfort in tea bags. Many of them. Popcorn green tea, fudge green tea, salted caramel green tea, chocolate and hazelnut tea… the list goes on. They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, granted not as quite warm and fuzzy as my Easter egg inevitability will but they fill a gap for a little while.

The other is carving out some time to indulge in some American TV. We’ve been enjoying The Last Man on Earth which in my opinion, is pretty close to comedy from back home. It’s slightly slapstick, a bit dry and dark – a perfect combination in our house. Definitely worth a watch!


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