Look after yo’self!

penguin stressed

This penguin is my spirit animal. For real. I am literally the most nervous person I know. Recently, I’ve been reading a little bit more about how to care for myself, and not just physically but mentally and emotionally. I also recently read that being a twenty-something is the worst time to suffer with anxiety – something about going to find yourself, the impact of social media and still actually giving a shit about everything. You are your own biggest critic after all.

With uni, work and trying to generally keep afloat in this ocean we call life, I’ve decided to try and look after myself some more. Yeah, sure I’m getting back on track with the whole WeightWatchers and attempting to exercise more but I’m really trying to stop and take a step back, to think and to worry less, to learn to do more of what makes me happy and to say no when I need to.

bey can't do that

I started off fairly successful on my weight loss journey, without putting in 100% effort. I soon started to think that I could continue being successful whilst dropping the amount of effort even more. I was wrong and I’m certain I’ve put all of my weight back on and probably more. But I don’t mind putting the weight on, because at that time, I know those actions were exactly what I wanted to do. Like I say, this isn’t just about weight-loss any more, this is about self-love and if sometimes I need to do something stupid to feel OK, well I’m OK with that. I’m here to be happy and I hope you all can be too.

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