It’s been a little while!

Sorry for the absence of posts! I’ve been a busy week or so – lots of deadlines for university and a training course at work as well.

Over my naughty month of not tracking Smartpoints, I somehow still managed to lose 3.5lb, so was pretty pleased although I imagine that has been swiftly put back on following the extra office-based hi-jinks this week. Never mind, I’ll put it down as teambuilding activities… but I’m now a Quality Assurance Coach, wahey!

So now I am torn. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been thinking about, obsessed with going abroad and learning to teach English as a Foreign Travel and going and gaining come memories but now I see myself with job satisfaction and the opportunity to progress in a role for the first time ever. It really is my head versus my heart – and I’m far too sensible to trust either!


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