Being awkward, lifestyle, Weightwatchers?

I don’t have a WW buddy anymore. And so I’ve decided to not drive 45 minutes to my usual group. Yes, it’s true – I do have groups closer to home but right now I can’t deal with getting accustomed to another group, and plus they’re still quite the trek to get there. Instead I hope to hijack the success that my partner has had with his weight loss, just plain on calorie counting and actually trying to do some exercise once in a while.

As much a WW was working for me, something did seem incredibly unfair about the fact that my SO could eat a dessert for 80 kcal and it costs me the same about of points as a whole bloody meal so that aspect I definitely will not miss!

I don’t want to say I’m feel confident because that level of satisfaction only comes when I’ve given my waiter a perfect order at the dinner table but this feels close.

I’ve also been putting a lot of thought at trying out a more plant-based diet. I’m gonna be frank, it’s not for the animals (sorry vegan friends) – but I’m more aware than ever of environmental factors and factors on my own health. On scoping out some veggie recipes at work, I was spotted and asked why I’m going veggie. My reply was a simple one “because I’m a fat ****” (add your favourite 4-lettered swear word), which provoked a lot of shocked laughter. As much as I’d like to pretend that I’m that care-freeI’m not but I am caring less. It’s becoming more than a defence mechanism, but a light for me – yes, I have fat. That’s cool. It’s not a dirty word (refer to video from Olivia Campbell) but I am working towards becoming a better me.

I’ll let you know how my transition to flexitarianism goes, ‘cus there is no way I’m giving up that tasty stuff.


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