Odd & Ends Overnight Oats

I am absolutely awful at eating breakfast. Generally I love breakfast, ideally hot and cooked by someone other than myself. Far too frequently my breakfast is a cereal bar at best, or I’ve even been known to just throw chocolate biscuits into my mouth as I’m running out of the door.

I have previously tried overnight oats when I’ve actually been somewhat prepared and I do really enjoy them. So, this is all about giving myself a kick up the arse!

I would like to give myself a mission to use up everything in the kitchen and start a-fresh, so as you may have gathered by the name of the post – my intention is to use up the ‘odds and ends’ in the kitchen!

I have been ordering Graze share boxes for a little while but due to me being on WW, a lower calorie snack can end up being super high in points, so I’ve been neglecting my snacks. I also have a little bit of an issue with the fact that the sharing boxes do not fit through the postbox and I’m never at home in the mornings, so by the time I’ve collected them from the post delivery office, I’ve lost some of the shelf life. Even more reason to use things up before they go bad.

Another peanut-butter-and-jam-esque recipe for everyone. I cannot get enough peanut butter! I used –

  • 50g oats
  • 20g peanut butter
  • 20g Graze’s Cherries and Berries

I intend to soak it all in around 150ml of unsweetened almond milk when it comes to eating them. Obviously I’ve not eaten all 5 jars, I’ve not eaten any as they’re for the whole week but I’ll keep you updated! Using dry ingredients allows these to keep pretty much indefinitely without them going bad or without the need for refrigeration.

Happy prepping.

This post is in no way sponsored by Graze as let’s face it – I’m not important enough for sponsorships however if you do fancy ordering through my personal link here, I do get a discount off my own Graze boxes which would be lovely!

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