Psychology / Bullet Journal

After a somewhat draining end to the week, I feel positive. On Friday, I went to see a psychologist about my eating habits and feel like my head was squashed and prodded, like when you try and fold a piece of paper as many times as physically possible. It was simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve ever done. I’m now trying to slow everything down and really try and think about what I’m doing before, during and after I’m doing it.

As the end of my uni course approaches, that sounds like a horrible reflection of what I am doing (and probably need to put some more effort into) in regards to most, if not all aspects of my life. With the ideas of adventures, promotions and living arrangements flying about my head, kudos to the psychologist who braved to be in there.

This leads me on to my next point – my current research. I’m currently looking into starting a Bullet Journal to try and simplify things and to try and carve sometime back for me. Or at least that’s the idea, so far it seems to have been a procrastination strategy and an excuse to find all sorts of decorative paper craft items to play with before coming to the sad realisation that I’m not one of those creative types! If anyone uses the system and actually read this, I’d love to know your thoughts and steal some ideas.

At the moment, I’m sitting in a post-night shift haze, scruffy haired and looking for YouTube videos. Here’s to a lazy afternoon whilst everyone’s out enjoying the sun.

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