First of all, an apology. But not a proper apology, more of a ‘sorry not sorry’.

My blog has been neglected. Posts are absent, a state of which I wish my mind was. A lot has happened since I last wrote a post:

  • I finished uni
  • I started full time at work again
  • I moved to Bristol

Okay, so a few things have happened since I last wrote a blog post but what big things they are! I finally finished my teaching course and now I can avoid buzz words such as ‘differentiation’ and ‘critically analyse’ unless I’m trying to show off the fact that I’m still quite good at essay writing and not much else. So far the results have been good but I’m just waiting on a couple of others for my final grade.

I went back to work full time again, which although sounds like the most boring of the 3 is the most exciting for me. You see my work friends are my only friends and being at work means spending time with the people that put a smile on my face. Cheesy but true!

Now number 3 – surely the biggest and bestest of the 3. So you’d think but it’s been difficult. Where as I’m happy to finally be in an area that feels like home, the house doesn’t quite yet and Sam doesn’t feel as though it ever will. This disappoints me a bit, and if i’m totally honest, initially it was considerably painful but I’m slowly (and probably rightly) understanding that if one of us is unhappy, there’s no way that we can continue to love each other and grow to our full potential.

For now, we’ll see how our feelings change as the desks are built and when the pictures take their places on the walls.

In regards to the blogosphere? I do have some bits and pieces planned, which hopefully I can pull off now I’m not typing essays out until my mind goes numb. Hopefully I’ll get to showcase them soon.

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