A few thoughts on mentorship

In my recent adult life, I have had two mentors and they have a lot in common with both myself and each other.

  • They’re both female – this is important to me for a couple of reasons. It’s important for those who identify as female to have strong mentors and role models. Hell, at age 26 ½ years of age, it’s important for me to have strong female role models. Being female is an absolute shitstorm and having someone to hold a brolly up for you is going to help of course.
  • They’re both older than me. Yeah, yeah, age is just a number but it’s got to count for something hasn’t it? Older, wiser, have a bit more experience, know when something is a bad idea but will probably tell you to go and do it anyway.
  • Finally, they’re both complete badasses who have gone through hell and back and survived to tell the tale. If anyone can teach me something, it’d be these two.

Neither of them are aware of their role of mentor or how much they’ve impacted my life in a short space of time or at least I haven’t told them explicitly (communicating meaningfully and intimately doesn’t come easily to me; just like mathematics or running).

I feel as though they know the intricate details on every aspect of my life where I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg in theirs. This only adds to the feeling that they are there to guide me. It’s both intimidating and comforting but ultimately I think I like it.

The warm and fuzzies they give me are a feeling that I’d like to share with others. I’ve only ever consistently wanted one thing in life. And that’s to be someone’s role model. I’ve never cared whose, just someone’s. I suppose this has been somewhat reflected in the career paths I’ve tried to take, police staff, teacher, first aid trainer. I’ve been a mentor and shared knowledge and in some instances even given confidence but I feel this has only ever happened in a professional capacity.

I can’t imagine that I’ve ever changed anyone’s life but I hope one day to have a meaningful impact on someone then I think I’d be fulfilled. Born to be mild.

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