‘Writer’s’ Block

Lately I’ve been feeling somewhat low. Nothing major – just a very tired and a bit whiny. The worst part for me though (other than constantly feeling like a zombie) is the ‘writer’s’ block.

The word writer needs to be in inverted commas. I don’t consider myself a writer, yet. Maybe one day but right now, I can barely even call myself a blogger. That’s why the phrase ‘writer’s block’ feels a bit pompous but I can’t think of another name for it.

can describe it though – Think for a moment that your imagination, your creativity, your thing is your funny bone. It hurts when you bash it, doesn’t it? Now imagine that you were crossing a road, you tripped and you fell to the floor, causing you to hit your funny bone. Then a bin lorry ran over nothing but your arm, leaking bin juice all over it. Now you’re in agony and you stink. Great.

Wash it off, patch it up, and off you go again.

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