A few thoughts on sexual orientation

Nothing annoys me more than someone assuming my sexuality (or anyone else’s for that matter).

Not because I’m offended (my mother and father raised me not to be a f*cking bigot) but because firstly, it’s none of your business and secondly, I cannot wrap my head around how and why I’ve just been stereotyped.

Is it because I’m a female who doesn’t indulge in make up and dresses? Or because I believe that details of encounters should be kept between those involved, and therefore you don’t get to hear about them?

On hearing that I was attending Bristol Pride last year, a supervisor at work (whose Equality and Diversity training obviously needed updating) asked if ‘I was a little bit, y’know, gay?’ Um, what? Thankfully she asked a colleague of mine because if I’m honest, I’m not sure what would’ve spewed from my mouth.

Why should anyone care about an individual’s orientation other than the individual themselves and the person(s) they have relations with? Worry about yourself, oh and maybe ask yourself why you even care?

After all, love is love is love and who you want to bang is completely up to you.

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