“So when are you two having babies then?”

Possibly never, actually.

The trouble is, I can’t give that answer to about 99% of people that ask but that is the crux of it.

I’ve written about having PCOS before (the post got lost with the blog move, so maybe I’ll revisit it. Also I must remember that I have PCOS and that I’m not PCOS. I like to think that I live with the condition and that I haven’t morphed into it – my phrasing should reflect that) and a side effect of that is poor fertility.

That fact breaks me. Not that we’re ready to have children and we probably never will be ready but I can’t think of anyone that would make better parents than us.

What breaks me even more is having to answer when people ask us when we’re going to have children. This usually happens right after someone finds out how long me and my partner have been together, when there’s a new baby in the family or chatting to family friends that we haven’t seen in a while.

There’s no way of explaining that you may never conceive without flabbergasting the quizmaster with guilt so you chuckle and brush it off with a “oh I don’t know!”

I know they never meant to upset me when asking, I know it’s just lighthearted curiosity about my plans or general chit-chat and I know it’s not my fault but ouch.

Approaching April Fool’s Day every year, I see a post about how fake baby scans are not an appropriate prank and every year, I agree wholeheartedly. You just don’t know what people are going/have gone through to be standing in front of you and listening to your infant-themed interrogation. I know these posts make me sound like some raging free speech antagonist but c’mon on, perhaps we should take a little time to consider how others are feeling on the inside.

Be kind to each other, and mind your own business.

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