Summer Feastival 2018

On Sunday, we set off from the sunny Forest of Dean to a drizzly Cardiff but that didn’t dampen our fun. Those of you who know me and Sam will know how much we love our food. It basically formed our relationship and when we see a street food festival, you know we’re heading there at the earliest opportunity.

Set in Sophia Gardens, you soon forget about the greenery when you step inside the arena. That is, if you haven’t already been drawn into euphoria from the smell of fried foods.

Mighty Soft Shell Crab were there and although we didn’t indulge this time (we had a pre-planned hit list), I would recommend going to grab some hot, fresh crab that literally melts in your mouth.

The first stall we visited was South Street Squid. The squid was seasoned with salt and Szechuan pepper, presented in a lovely paper cone and topped with pickled vegetables (which I swiftly preceded to drop on the floor…).

The salty, savoury, crispy coating gently cracked revealing the soft meat beneath. If you’ve been put off of trying squid from it’s rubbery, squeaky reputation – this would be the perfect introduction.

Next up, we headed to Brothers Thai. The length of the queue paid testimony to its spicy greatness; man, was that queue long. In fact in the time it took for us to get to the front of queue, Sam had already walked across the festival, paid for and returned with his favourite Canadian-inspired treat, Puckin’ Poutine.

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Puckin' Poutine @summerfeastival Yaaaas!!

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Poutine is the absolute dream. If you’ve never tried it before, you need to. It is literally all the best food items piled on top of each other. The base layer consists of what I have dubbed the ‘chip paradox’, chip perfection – a golden crisp outside with a fluffy interior. The chips are then covered in gravy, making them a lil bit soft then bam (!), pillowy chewy cheese curds and sliced fresh spring onion.

And then wait was over. The highly anticipated sticky spicy beef roti was with us. Sriracha sauce, fresh herbs and tender sticky beef. Ooof.

To end the afternoon, I had to satisfy my sweet tooth with Science Cream. Whenever we visit Cardiff, I’m quite often dragged away from their parlour but we were at a food festival so frankly, he could sod off. The obvious choice for me was a vanilla ice cream with cookie dough and dressed all up like Christmas with a thick salted caramel sauce.

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This ice cream was Liz approved Cheers @science_cream!

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I love food.

The event was great, it’s an almost identical set up to the ol’ Cardiff Street Food Circus but this event has a much better vibe despite the rain. Maybe it was the nice jazzy live band or the fact that me and Sam survived a food festival argument free? All in all, we left happy with full tummies.

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