A nice surprise

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This week I had the most wonderful non-scale victory. After having a couple of weeks of trying to self-medicate my poor mood with a shit load of food, gaining weight and feeling incredibly guilty, I decided to order some new leggings. You know the kind, I'll order a size down so I can work harder and fit into the soon. • Turns out they fit. Yeah, the design is a little bit stretched but that'll soon be rectified and I'm sure of that. • If fitting into a size smaller didn't make my heart sing enough, this is the first time in her adult life that this lil chubby has ever fit into size 16 bottoms, ever. • Being quite the space cadet I thought these leggings were apt. Both the top and leggings are @locketloves – the top says #soretodaystrongertomorrow and I believe the leggings are on their last run, never to be printed again. If you fancy a pair, help me out by following this link: https://goo.gl/s44vDG – any orders allow me to earn a little discount off of clothing, which will help when these (hopefully!) get too big.

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