Size Chart

Dress sizes; I’ve dropped 4 on the bottom and 2 up top. Am I ecstatic? Well, I was, until I wondered to myself ‘actually, what difference does it make?’

Of course, I’m pleased with the fact that my body shape is changing. I hear wind chimes tinkle and feel incredibly smug knowing that my clothing choices will increase as my belly does the opposite.

For the first time in my adult life, I’ve been able to fit into size 16 bottoms but my trousers go up to a size 22 and still fit relatively well and look presentable. That’s 3 fricking sizes bigger, wtf is that all about?

And yeah, Smug Me is feeling smug but Rational Me wants to smack her in the face and reminds her that no-one really gives a sh*t what size you are.

Find clothes that fit right regardless of their labels and proceed to look and feel better.

My mum always used to jest that I didnt need to lose weight, I just needed bigger clothes and now I realise that actually, she wasn’t that far off the truth.


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