You know what? I don’t humblebrag any more. I f*cking brag-brag.

If it’s worthy of slipping into a conversation in the first place, or concealing it as something mundane so you can talk about it, then just talk about it.

I used to shy away from talking about myself and my achievements (I still do really but I am improving) but those stories, those achievements are what make me, me.

Let’s put an end to humblebragging. If you’re doing it, it obviously means something to you. Pride should never be quashed and nor should your smile (vom).

Achievement should be celebrated. If your ‘friends’ don’t wanna hear it, or you feel like you need to sly about it then maybe you should be re-evaluating your friends. I know I sound miserable as sin (mainly because people have made me that way…) but who has the authority to deny you your happiness?

Go forth and brag.

PS. I was Headland’s Lower School’s Super Scientist award winner of 2001 – just FYI.

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