Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden – Day 1 and 2

The 0130 alarm clock was disorientating and upsetting but was worth it in the end. We jumped in the car for the long drive to the airport (I say long drive, I was asleep for most of it so it felt pretty quick to me). The usual airport kerfuffle but dramas for our departure – that seems to always be reserved for our return journeys.

We landed down in CPH Lufthavn and were met with coastal air, sun and heat as soon as we disembarked. It’s weird, but I was hoping for cooler weather, even if it was just to satisfy my preconception that it’s always cold in Scandinavia.

We wandered around the streets and harbours killing time before we could check in to the hotel and thankfully the hotel let us do so an hour early as I think my backpack was getting heavier with every step that I took.

The room was… a bit of a squeeze and sleeping arrangements were initially disappointing when I realised I had 4 days of not being the big spoon. Just as well, as that room was like sleeping inside of an oven. It was clean enough, apart from the toilet/sink/shower combination that smelt nauseatingly like drains.

We also explored that colourful bit that you see on all the postcards and ate epic burgers from an old pimped out petrol station, rated one of the best in Copenhagen.

It was at a petrol station but it looked as though half of the station had been converted to accommodate the tiny restaurant. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the burgers themselves are mind-blowing. I had the butter burger and it was simple. Now, if you know anything about food, then you’ll know that simple is good as long as it was done right. The burger oozed buttery-goodness, without literally oozing buttery-goodness which was both tasty and convenient. No bells and whistles – some butter, salt and pepper and it was cooked to well-done without any burnt or gnarly bits. If you know me well, you know I’m not much of a beef burger fan but this may have converted me. It was very simply topped with onion, pickle and the tiniest amount of lettuce that despite barely being there, felt kind of significant. Eating it felt like climbing into fresh bed sheets, comforting and a little bit of luxury.


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To finish the afternoon, we visited the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (New Carlsberg statue-museum) which just so happens to be free on a Tuesday (#winning). We’re no art critics, but we’re quite fond of a museum – especially when it has so many benches to rest our aching feet. There was a garden with beautiful tropical trees and some of the stone carvings were just awe-inspiring.

One of many trips to Netto and McDonald’s ended the night.

Day 1

Breakfast (Airport) – Starbucks’ chocolate filled muffin (oops)

Lunch – butter basted burger and fries from Gasoline Grill (stop judging me)

Dinner – McDonald’s chicken and hummus salad (which blew my damn mind)

Steps taken: 26,597


Day 2

To be honest, we didn’t do much in Malmo. We just wandered around soaking in the scenery. Malmo does look like another great city to be in (if they just weren’t so expensive!). The buildings were a magnificent mix of old classic architecture and modern building blocks. The people looked diverse, if a little bit hipster. We decided to spend the day in Malmo because we could basically – and why wouldn’t you tick off another city/country if you had the opportunity to do so?

We wandered seafronts, parks, local markets and also settled in awesome food hall occupied by independent traders. Craving (some!) nutrients, we all opted for felafel pittas but I had to go for the extra halloumi, obviously. The portions were huge, it was all beautifully fresh and hot off the grill. Before we realised how big lunch would be, Sam also ordered a side of fries with truffle mayonnaise. None of us had tried anything truffle before and I was expecting it to taste like dirt and the pig that found it but was surprisingly fond of it’s rich, earthy taste.

We headed back, Sam had a nap and then we toured the supermarkers of Copenhagen looking for snacks and sweets to bring home.

Breakfast – croissant and iced latte

Lunch – felafel and halloumi wrap with fries

Dinner – McDonald’s chicken and bacon burger with pepper fries (it was cheap(er), okay?)

Steps taken: 28,187

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