first impressions / a bloody good job

It’s day two, so this may likely be a highly premature review but I’m attempting to make the switch. Last month, initially pissed off at the price of sanitary products (but further spurred on by an ever-increasing wish to try and preserve the only planet currently available for us to live on), I bought a menstrual cup.

I say it’s day two, I did try a (literally, lol soz) ‘dry run’ before my period actually started and found myself extremely put off by how uncomfortable and well, dry it was. There was also a moment where I thought I’d never see the damn thing again but several blogs have assured me that there’s no way you’d lose it forever (knowing my luck, I could probably be the first to do so).

Once you get over the feeling of putting a foreign object in the place where you might not always want to put foreign objects. It’s pretty comfortable. In fact, as I’m typing this, I cannot feel it whatsoever which leads me to believe it’s sat perfectly in the correct place or it’s fallen out and I’m yet to discover a red mess. I hope it isn’t the latter but I’m pretty confident it isn’t.

Emptying it is an experience. YouTube suggested to try it at home the first time round for obvious reasons. To me, it felt weirdly liberating? It’s hard to describe, it was a mixture of achievement having not had just thrown my bodily fluids around the room but also just feeling in awe of what our bodies are capable of and why I hadn’t tried one sooner. They’re better for your body, your purse and your planet.

It’s literally *so* easy to manage, you can wear it for 12 hours which means I only need to empty it before bed and when I wake up from my slumber and as I’ve said it’s barely there. Other than a moment of uncertainty, running from the toilet to the bathroom with my pants round my ankles, feeling very relieved that my mother-in-law wasn’t home. It’s very much just set it and forget it, for want for a better phrase.

I chose a Ruby Cup because they are based in Europe (I think? I may have dreamt this…), I believed in their ethos and for every cup bought, they give a cup to a girl in need overseas. They’re a medium firmness, come in two sizes and a variety of colours. I bought mine with a Ruby Clean, a silicone contraption for cleaning it.

If you’ve been thinking about the switch, I’d say to go for it. Another great thing about Ruby Cup (not sponsored but y’know, open to offers 🤷🏽‍♀️) is that they offer a 120-day money back guarantee. I know it’s early days but I really see myself sticking to it and not needing to take them up on that one.

What I will say though ladies, is that using a cup is a bit more intimate/invasive (delete inappropriate word) than using other types of products, so it may not be for you if you’re squeamish. Please don’t be squeamish though, it’s just your body. It’s natural, it happens every month (or whenever it may appear) to half of the population, let’s stop being so bloody grossed out.

It’s about time we spoke about our time of the month, Aunt Flo, shark week, or perhaps we should stop giving it code names and normalise periods – bloody hell.

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